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Under this circumstance, Windows 10 split screen won’t be available and thus you can encounter no split screen error. At first, you need to choose to enable the snapping settings and then it would be possible for you to split Windows 10 screen into different parts. Before you go further to display two or more windows in a screen, there is much need for you to set the snapping settings for Windows 10. Only in this way can you show more than one window at a time. Drag the first window of your choice by clicking the title bar and dragging the cursor to the corner of the screen where you want the window.

In addition, the app includes settings you can configure, including the ability to use the Print screen button instead of the Windows key + Shift + S shortcut. In addition to having a keyboard shortcut for opening Snipping Tool, you have multiple shortcuts to access the features within this tool. …or you could just press the Windows key, type snip and press enter. No need to fumble around with creating shortcut keys. If you need to record a video of desktop, Snipping Tool isn’t the right tool as it only makes screenshots. An easy-to-use, effective and free alternative for screen recording is ScreenRec.

Using Windows key + PrtSc key shortcut

Simply quitting the Snipping Tool and restarting it may help with the not working problem. A bug in Snipping Tool (snippingtool.exe) is causing it to crash repeatedly for several users on Windows 11. The bug appears to be widespread and it has been reported by a lot of users on Microsoft’s community forums, Feedback Hub and social media. You can also go to Preferences and set up hotkeys to take screenshots with FonePaw Screen Recorder. If your problem is that your Snipping Tool cannot open properly, or your shortcut do not work, you can try to set or reset a shortcut to launch the program. Browse other questions tagged windows windows-8 screenshot or ask your own question.

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  • With fewer suppliers producing legacy technology, the price curve/availability following current/mainstream tech, it’s important to consider this in debating an upgrade versus refresh.
  • This tool does not boast all the comprehensive features of the desktop version, but you can rely on it to fulfill all your essential screen recordings.
  • For example, you can capture a full-page screenshot instead of only the visible part with each of these.

The second free screen recorder software we tested is the OBS studio, which offered by the Open Broadcaster Software. The OBS Studio is a powerful and flexible screencast video production and streaming tool, which is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux. On your macOS, Windows, or Linux computer, if you want to create a video that captures all actions performed, you can record your screen to a video file. Recording your screen can be useful if you want to create video tutorials, or review something you did on your computer at a later time.

Windows 11: How to Roll Back Windows 11

Narrow things down with Alt + Print Screen, which will capture just the window you currently have open. Leave a comment and let us know what is your favorite method of taking screenshots on PCs. If you want to select a portion of your screen to grab, hit Windows Key+Shift+S. In Windows 10, this will open the “snipping bar,” which we’ll explain below. Alternatively, if you have some data you do not wish to share with Pipedrive, you can take a screenshot of a specific area within your screen. To save, click the “Save” button under the File menu in the top left of the paint menu.

Snips and Screenshots

Hopefully, one of the solutions above will help resolve any issues you have with a problematic Windows update. If our other tips aren’t working, you can always clean install Windows 11. You can try this if you suspect hardware failure , for example. Once you’ve repaired or replaced your PC hardware, you can then reinstall Windows 11 with a clean installation. This environment gives you more of an ability to narrow down an issue.

To fix the problem, start Command Prompt in Administrator mode and run sfc/Scannow followed by DISM.exe. Repeat the same procedure for the Reset button. Once the issues have been resolved, the Snipping Tool should work properly.

It offers more tools compared to the Xbox Game Bar such as video editing, customizable transitions, and much more so you can tinker on different aspects of your recording. Many modern PCs feature a webcam or microphone and other recording hardware, but don’t have screen recording software. In Windows 10 though, you’ll find a built-in screen recording tool, which doesn’t always come standard with other computers. When you want a screen recorder with sound that can truly deliver amazing features for free, well, let’s just say your options are limited. I’m going to break down the best FREE screen recorders on the market today. The criteria are based on screen capture abilities, audio recording capabilities, sharing options, and user-friendliness.

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